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Stay Safe, But Not too Safe

Stay Safe

Stay safe! It’s a cute little phrase that’s been going around lately.  Variations of this phrase are “be safe” and “stay home, stay healthy”.  This and other similar expressions are spreading infectiously because of the Covid-19 pandemic that has shaken the whole world in recent months.  While I’m not against common sense, PPE and quarantines, I am quite nauseated…

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Fighting For The Men Of This City

Fighting for the men of this city

Baby Daddies We are in a battle for the men of this city. We all know that the wider culture paints men as overweight, sex-obsessed idiots. But there is a cultural norm in the city that perceives fathers (now referred to as ‘baby-daddies’) as unnecessary in the upbringing of a child. This lie is believed by so many of…

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Inner city kids don’t need programs, they need people

Inner city kids don’t need programs, they need people.  I know what you’re thinking. This sounds rich coming from a person who runs programs.  Are programs bad in themselves? No. Programs can be a conduit for relationship, for nurturing, for education, for mentorship, etc.  Therefore, they CAN be a world of good. Programs are little help in themselves.  They…

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The Current Openness In The Muslim World & Our Christian Response

Mosque Sihouette

There has been buzz of media talk lately about Islam and religious extremism. We have world leaders telling us that the terrorist group Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has nothing to do with Islam. There is widespread uncertainty among America’s immigrant population as to what the ramifications will be for them with the new Presidential administration. We…

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